Tarot meanings page

The Tarot Card Meanings

The modern day tarot is a system built on seventy eight tarot cards, twenty two are referred to as the major arcana and fifty six minor arcana which are divided into groups known as cups, wands, swords and pentacles. Out of the fifty six minor arcana there are sixteen court cards which are Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages, they usually represent people we meet but they can also reflect on personality traits and indicate how far we have come in a situation and its level of maturity. Major Arcana cards appear when things are happening that force us towards an event or path of life. The often represent life's lessons and events such as the hanging man having meanings such as waiting and patience... When you have lots of Major Arcana cards in a reading is often a clue that we are governed by a force of some-kind.. and that forces influence can be seen by the positive or negative aspects of the cards..

The Major or Higher Arcana

The Fool

The Fool card number 0   This card numbered 0 in the pack represents new adventures and horizons. Luck is on your side, go with the flow and the universe will guide you...thing to remember is that the fool can indicate its literal meaning of foolishness,folly, madness or lack of understanding if this card repeats in similar question situations... The answer might literally be so obvious it is plain as the nose on your face.

The Magician

The Magician card number 1   This is the card that will allow you (or others depending on the question asked) the power to achieve your goals and or persuade others to agree to your terms or plans.. Have faith in yourself that you have the understanding and knowledge at hand as well as having a magic touch.

high priestess

The High Priestess card number 2  This card represents higher spiritual connections and meetings of minds, the gathering of information for a purpose. It is a card of intuition and sensibility. It can also represent secrets or hidden influences and is a flag to you if this card is repeated in similar question situations. Perhaps you already know the answer deep down.

The empress

The Empress card number 3   This card represents all that is womanly, feminine and natural. Essentially strong and motherly this card is an excellent indicator of pregnancy and fertility, it foretells procreation, action and good fortune especially in love and doubly so if the emperor is seen alongside her. If drawn further apart the empress/emperor pairings usually represent parents, grandparents or guardians of others. For males she can also represent your feminine side or empathy with others.

The emperor

The Emperor card number 4     The essence of masculinity is the emperor he is wise,loyal,kind but strict. He is a leader or ruler and will not give in to poor decision making. He can represent a husband or a partner of significance to women or perhaps domineering or wanton tendencies if the query was about a woman... He shows good luck and strength in situations along with wit and pride. Depending on the question dogmatic views can be represented by this card.. You or others may need to look for ways to understand someone's point of view or situation. When the emperor is paired next to the empress this can indicate marriage or a strong bonded partnership further apart those pairings usually represent parents/grandparents or guardians of others.


The Heirophant card number 5   The card of religion, doctrine and discipline. The spiritual self requires peace and harmony to exist in equilibrium with the universe..This card shows a strong sence of right and wrong and can be an excellent card when making decisions for the greater good. When this card is seen often it can signify there is a need for peace and harmony in your or a persons life you are inquiring about... else problems will surely arise.... The Heirophant when seen with emperor/empress can represent a marriage forthcoming or a proposal, in business or socially it can show team work for or against you depending on the negativity/positivism of the surrounding cards.Lastly this card can signify forgiveness especially when the lovers are seen close by.

The lovers

The Lovers card number 6   The lovers represents passion,sexuality,attraction,friendship and love in relationship questions. Depending on the other surrounding cards negative or positive it can show the inner feelings felt about that relationship, what is to be gained from it and where it is leading for both of you. Cards such as the six of wands ,the 4 of cups or the ten of pentacles seen with the lovers represents the ending of quarrels or disagreements; however if more than two swords are seen along with these this may not be to yours or another's liking or favor. The lovers can also represent the choices we make.. The choice is yours if seen in the outcome position. Otherwise in this position it means the literal the lovers will meet.. a new relationship or the possibility of rekindling a lost relationship.

The chariot

The Chariot card number 7   The chariot represents forward motion and given opportunities. The likelihood of a successful endeavor will be accompanied by strength or justice as a hidden influence or key influence.. for questions where legal issues are involved or likely in the future the arrival of these cards is most favorable to the enquirer as it shows a battle fairly won.


Strength card number 8   Strong as a lion.. this card will give you the courage and confidence you require to achieve your end goals it shows conviction of spirit and masterful judgement especially in the realms of business... In love the strength card illuminates the bond between them is strong and any issues about love will eventually be resolved by deliberation. In health matters the strength card is a positive sign of improvement but can indicate a struggle before that is resolved when lots of spades are seen in the reading.

The hermit

Hermit card number 9   Solitude and exodus are shown by this card... The hermit can signal a coming abandonment of plans or even a person retreating from your life for the reasons the surrounding cards display in your reading. Solitude does not have to be nessesarily negative in meaning sometimes, to go it alone on a path or to walk away from the current one is a good move for you despite the apprehension of doubt or fear of change.. if you see the ace of swords as the final card in your reading you need to remove negative people or influence and literally cut them or it out!.

The wheel of fortune

Wheel Of Fortune card number 10   The wheel of fortune turns for and against you depending on the influence of placement. In the key influences position you need to look what the surrounding cards energies manifest in order to understand if you are in full control of your fortunes or that if your pathways are blocked by unseen influences which are the keys to a situation. Watch out for influence of people.. their age hair color their gender .... this can indicate exactly who is involved. If you have gut feelings about something you want to obtain a gamble could go in your favor especially if the star, the ace of pentacles, ten of pentacles or three of cups are seen in a reading. You should go for it whatever that may be as you have a lucky edge right now.

high priestess

Justice card number 11    The justice card can represent legal and moral situations that need to be addressed in order to obtain temperance and harmony. The justice card in the key influences position signifies that a fair and justified means of dealing with a difficult situation needs to be worked through in order to win in the long run, cards such as the page of swords or seven of swords close by indicate a shady way of dealing with a situation but fear not if the sun, wheel of fortune or the star are seen because in the long run you will come out on top. Beware of the tower , the seven of swords or death arising in the outcome position this indicates failure, incarceration or oppression.

The hanging man

The Hanging Man card number 12   The hanging man or hanged man asks us to think about waiting and time periods that need to go by in order for things to achieve full circle. If you see the tower in the reading along with this card it can indicate that negative situations sometimes beyond your control are blocking your path to happiness or success.. the outcome position depending on the strength of the card will indicate the time period of how long that might be. Other cards especially court cards can indicate people or elements that surround that situations direction. Be aware of seeing the fool card in the outcomes position if this is happening in similar questions about a certain matter it can indicate nothing will change until you make it happen.


Death card number 13   This card marked number thirteen in the pack represents a complete and sweeping change of everything, whether or not this is what is needed in order to achieve a goal or if this is what is going to happen etc is influenced by exactly where this card is in the spread. The death card rarely represents actual death.. instead it is much more of a rebirth and renewal card and can sometimes be celebrated despite the fearsome image the card often shows. Sometimes death can be seen as leaving behind things like the past if this card comes up often in the outcomes position in a love question then you must accept the relationship is likely to remain over unless the four of wands lies in the hidden influences position.


Temperance card number 14 Temperance is a joy to achieve and its equilibrium will fill you with positive energy and fulfillment. In relationships this card shows great bonding and understanding on equal terms. In legal matters it shows that all will end well in the outcomes position but be aware of temperance in the hidden influences position it can indicate that the current calm is before the storm especially if the wheel of fortune is close by with other sword/club cards. For business it means abundance and good working relations.

The devil

The Devil card number 15   The devil is the card of temptation, frustration arrogance and anger it can symbolize bondage, domination and even evil in a very negative spread. In a positive spread depending on the question The devil can symbolize intelligence, good conversation or clever direction.. perhaps one of those is what you need in order to obtain what you want if in the outcomes position or perhaps what to expect...

The tower

The Tower card number 16   The tower shows the destructive forces at work for a complete sweeping change for good if death is seen in the outcome position. The tower can represent the situation created or something we have built... in an emotional sence it signifies anger, hostility, corruption and woe. Change will happen, nothing ever lasts forever. In a positive reading towers can fall but they can also be rebuilt.

the star

The Star card number 17   The star represents our guiding light forces, the positive side of our consciousness. It manifests good in situations and is a lucky card to have in dealing in speculations also health and love. This card can indicate wishes fulfilled and surprise turns in situations. When the star card is seen in the past influences position in a negative spread it could indicate you or another person's luck or patience is running out... a turn for the worse.

The moon

The Moon card number 18   The moon depicts illusion, dreams and mystery. It shows us that things may not always be as they seem. The moon can show deception especially if the magician is seen in the hidden influences position this can indicate someone is manipulating you. The moon in health questions can show us that some time is required to take care of ourselves be it in mind or body. If asking about a length of time the moon shows the night.. how many moons? this will be in the positive/negative aspect of the reading.

The sun

The Sun card number 19   The sun is about the most positive card in the pack it shows everything that is good with its light. the masculine forces of the sun disperse darkness. The sun can bring your desires into reality albeit happiness, health, wealth, marriage and children. In a very negative spread if seen in the card of choice position it can indicate burning.. are you burning yourself out or getting burned in some way?


Judgement card number 20   Judgement often depicts what it means literally it asks us to question our own judgement or it can suggest others decision making. Judgement is usually favourable in relationship questions and can represent marriage bonds for the attached, anniversaries and engagements for single people. Judgement can also represent time going full circle, in the card of choice position this energy is stronger.. maybe what you ask is not possible at this point in time.

The world

The World card number 21   The world shows us our opportunities our family our lives our goals.. you can achieve what is necessary if you find the strength and discipline in your self to make a positive impact on ourselves and others. The world is the final higher arcana card marked 21 in the pack, 21 is considered lucky in many cultures such as seven seven seven (7+7+7) or twenty one making blackjack or pontoon in card games for this reason it is a very good omen for decision making and speculative affairs... it is a good guide of what is in store if in the hidden influences or key influences positions.. as a choice card we can choose to be a part of the world or not we can choose the good from the bad...